Materials of the OHP2013 colloquium

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Edited by Luc Arnold, Hervé Le Coroller, Jean Surdej

You can also consult the "foreword" of the editors. You will also find in this book a paper written by J. Surdej and J.-U. Pott that summarizes the conclusions, and recommendations of the colloquium.

Materials (presentation, Video, Article) sorted by author:

TitleFirst nameLast nameInstituteCountryPdf presentationvideo presentationArticle
Modeling of Cable Suspension for the Carlina Torben Andersen Lund Observatory Sweden      
Medium term instrumental and facility plan for VLTI. Preparing for the future Jean-Philippe Berger ESO France    
Stuck at the crossroads: Where to next in interferometric implementation? David Buscher Cavendish Laboratory United Kingdom      
Conceptual Design of a compact Fizeau Interferometer Xin-Yang Chen Shanghai Astronomical Observatory China    
Science with interferometry during the last decade





Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur France    

Design Optimization Considerations for MROI 

Michelle Creech-Eakman New Mexico Tech United States      
A first step toward polychromatic imaging with a nulling interferometer Gaetan Dalla Vedova OCA France    
Update on the LBTI: a versatile high-contrast and high-resolution infrared imager for a 23-m telescope Denis Defrere Steward Observatory United States    
Opto-mechanical design of the Carlina interferometer Julien Dejonghe OCA France      
Intensity Interferometry with Cherenkov Telescope Arrays: Prospects for submilliarcsecond optical imaging Dainis Dravins Lund Observatory Sweden    
Heterodyne Interferometry in Infrared at Calern Observatory





Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur France      
Status of the Sydney University Stellar Interferometer: Efficient remote observing and experiments in precision astrometry Michael Ireland Macquarie University and AAO Australia    
Image Reconstruction for Sparse Aperture Masking and Kernel-phase techniques Michael Ireland Macquarie University and AAO Australia  

How photonics can bring new functionalities for the beam combination 

Pierre Kern  IPAG  France    
Laser ranging by time-of-flight measurement of femtosecond light pulses Young_Jin Kim Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) Korea (South)      
Imaging Young Stellar Objects with PIONIER/VLTI. Jacques Kluska IPAG France  
Prospects for IR space interferometry? Lucas Labadie I. Physics Institute, University of Cologne Germany    
Mid-infrared photonics in the context of optical/IR interferometry Lucas Labadie I. Physics Institute, University of Cologne Germany    
Aperture masking: knocking on planet's door? Sylvestre Lacour LESIA France    
GRAVITY Sylvestre Lacour LESIA France    
Rebirth of Heterodyne Detection at Optical Wavelengths Etienne le COÄRER IPAG France  
Conclusion on the Carlina experiment at Haute-Provence Observatory and prospective Hervé Le coroller OHP/Pytheas France    
"Laser" ranging with a broadband source: distance measurement at the micron precision level using high frequency modulation of a light beam Michel Lintz OCA/ARTEMIS France       
Laser ranging at the nanometer precision level using a two-mode laser source: the two-mode interference measurement in the Iliade rangemeter Michel Lintz OCA/ATEMIS France      
How to identify and characterize nearby exoplanetary systems using space-based astrometry and interferometric calibration. Fabien Malbet IPAG France      
Kernel phase for interferometry with a rich aperture Frantz Martinache Subaru Telescope, HI United States      
The Polarization-Based Solution for Dual-Star Interferometry for Precision Astrometry Jeff Meisner Sterrewacht Leiden Netherlands    
The Proposed NOVA Fringe Tracker for the VLTI Jeff Meisner Sterrewacht Leiden Netherlands      
Some Astronomical Applications of High Accuracy Stellar Interferometry Bertrand Mennesson JPL United States      
DISCO: Dividing Interferometer for Stars Characterization and Observations Florentin Millour OCA France    
Discrete beam combiners: 3D photonics for future interferometers Stefano Minardi Institute of Applied Physics - University of Jena Allemagne    
Science with optical Interferometers in the Era of ELT, ALMA, JWST John Monnier University of Michigan United States      
Laser guide stars for Hypertelescopes Paul Nunez College de France France    
iLimits: a research program to improve the limiting sensitivity in optical interferometry Romain Petrov Laboratoire Lagrange, UNS-OCA-CNRS France       
Going deep and precise - the MIDI+FSU experiment - lessons learnt Jorg-Uwe Pott Max-Planck Institut Germany      
Diophantine optics in nulling interferometry: laboratory performances of the chessboard phase shifter Daniel Rouan Observatoire de Paris France      
Image reconstruction in polychromatic interferometry and beyond Ferréol Soulez CRAL France    

A posteriori fringe sensing 

Ferréol Soulez CRAL France    
Observing the Sun with micro-interferometric devices: a didactic experiment





Liège University Belgium    
Summary of the science discussions during the Special session "Science with present and future interferometers" and "ASTRONET" session at EWASS 2013 Jean Surdej

Liège University

Processing of Polychromatic Interferometric Data for Astrophysics : the POLCA project Michel Tallon CRAL, Observatoire de Lyon France      
The CHARA Array - Current Status and Plans for Upgrades Theo ten Brummelaar CHARA Georgia State University United States    
Space-time positioning at the quantum limit with optical frequency combs Valérian Thiel Laboratoire Kstler Brossel/UPMC France  
The Navy Precision Optical Interferometer - Current Status, Future Plans Gerard Van Belle Lowell Observatory United States      

Summary of the Interferometry forum that was held in Flagstaff 

Gerard Van Belle Lowell Observatory United States      
Spectrally resolved frequency comb interferometry Steven Van Den Berg VSL Dutch Metrology Institute Germany      
Mid-infrared heterodyne interferometry with the Infrared Spatial Interferometer Ed Wishnow Berkeley, CA United States      
On-axis fringe-tracking, off-axis fringe-tracking, and narrow-angle astrometry with KI/ASTRA Julien Woillez ESO Germany      


Julien Woillez ESO Germany